Contabilidad y Remuneraciones - Auditorías

Tax planning

Optimize your tax burden to obtain a preventive service tax contingencies and monthly statements, generating positive flows to invest in your business.

Our services include tax compliance monthly and annual income statement, being assisted permanently made a tax strategy.

Strategic and Financial Planning

RedSolución  can provide for the sustained growth of your business, and support mechanisms experienced in managing and creating value in the long term. Search capital requirements, investors and developing growth strategies.

Assistance Management

We offer our experience in subjects related to the management of the business, such as support in budgeting, inventory control, cash flows, financial planning and establishment of indicators, among others.

IFRS Implementation, Sourcing Strategy (if not save no charge) Franchise processes, evaluating investments, transfer pricing, and presentation to banks for investment projects.

Consulting Process aimed at saving and optimization of the areas of a company.

Legal Assistance

We provide ongoing legal advice in different areas, facilitating their business processes, such as corporate legal affairs, contracts with customers or suppliers, labor and Subcontracting Rules, Asset Recovery (Collection) Judicial and Representation.

Accounting and Payroll Service

In this area we offer a full service accounting outsourcing and consulting issues and remuneration, comprising among others, preparation of Balance Sheet and Income Statement, monthly statements, pay and / or settlement of staff, monitoring and recording of legal books.


RedSolución delivers comprehensive services in audit processes both financial statements and specific processes, such as inventory control, Review Branch, cash management, internal controls or the audit outsourcing area within companies.

Human Resources

Developing strategies to align their employees with good performance and a focus on achieving strategic objectives. Measurement of organizational climate. Finding qualified staff.

Tributaria Contabilidad y Remuneraciones Auditorías

Levantamiento de capital

Buscamos fuentes de financiamiento para las empresas, para la realización de sus proyectos o bien reestructurar sus deudas.