RedSolución is a service company comprised of lawyers, accountants, auditors and business engineers, especialists in accounting, tax, trade matters, judicial and business strategy. Our goal is to deliver timely and efficient manner, comprehensive support for conducting the business of our customers.

RedSolución has extensive experience in the business area, which includes knowledge of the operation and the practical aspects of the process of pregnancy and implementation of business, allowing us to offer and deliver our services with Integral Vision.


José Miguel Guzmán

Accountant, Sales Engineer, Catholic University MBA and Master in Tax Planning Universidad Adolfo Ibañez. Certified Six-Sigma Quality College.

Seventeen years of experience in management positions in major companies in retail, mass production and consumption.

It has also served as consultant in major international consulting firm. Specialist accountants, tax matters, finance and strategic planning.

Currently he is also Director of companies in various economic sectors.


Liz Espinoza

Human Resources, with extensive experience in financial matters, human resources and audit. Fifteen years experience in senior positions in banking and development of people.