Tributaria Contabilidad y Remuneraciones Auditorías


RedSolución has different services geared for businesses, according to your needs and size, providing comprehensive advice at different stages of growth or professionalism, delivering class tools in order to support ongoing value creation in the short and long haul. We highlight the following services:

  • Shaping Directories / Director of companies
  • Process Consulting and Human Resources
  • Cost savings / If we spare no charge
  • Tax Planning
  • Strategic and Financial Planning
  • IFRS
  • Transfer rates
  • Financial statements and management reports abroad
  • Accounting and Payroll Outsourcing
  • Franchise Process
  • Permanent legal advice
  • Asset recovery (collection)
  • Audits and making inventories


Más de 10 años atendiendo sostenedores y corporaciones a lo largo de nuestro país, y que ante los diversos cambios normativos, es que hemos creado un “Plan de soporte integral” enfocado exclusivamente a colegios de todo el país, de acuerdo a los siguientes cuatro pilares:

  • Traspaso a Fundación y/o Corporación, conformación de estructura, Directorios
  • Contabilidad, remuneraciones, liquidaciones de sueldo, licencias medicas
  • Automatización del proceso de rendición de cuentas ante la Supereduc
  • Análisis financiero y patrimonial

Equipo profesional ex Mineduc y Supereduc

Foreign Investors

RedSolución makes available to companies wishing to settle in our country, a variety of services including compliance with respect to legal and tax regulations, delivering a service that covers all variables that are necessary for normal functioning.

We highlight the following services:

  • Start up of operations
  • Constitution Society
  • Declaration and investment income
  • Initiation of activities to the Internal Revenue Service
  • Studies of transfer pricing
  • Implementation of IFRS
  • Search for locations and / or major service providers
  • Monthly service according to your needs (legal, accounting, tax)
  • Tax regime for expatriates
  • Search location of the company and executives


RedSolución delivers comprehensive support to professional societies, artists, health-related or other independent character directing the financial and tax crimes, aimed at delivering better use regarding tax matters with respect to new investment, legal compliance tools collection processes and financial management. We highlight the following services:

  • Tax and Legal Compliance
  • monthly Accounting
  • Overstock staff
  • Collection services
  • Opening of new companies
  • Finance Management
  • Permanent advice on new projects and investments
  • Tax Planning